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Few environments exemplify a captive audience network as well as banking. You already have a tightly controlled interior environment ripe with security and technology, and a line of people with nothing to do while waiting in line but to look around. Banks have plenty of products and services that would probably be of benefit to their customers if only they knew about them. This is why banks are becoming one of the largest venues to embrace digital signage.

Banks use digital signage software from Scala because it is an efficient and effective solution that will not only inform customers of services available and promotions within the branch - but also act as a form of entertainment, decrease perceived wait times and ensure consistent corporate communications and training. One of the most important benefits of bank digital signage is the ability to provide continuously updated and relevant information at strategic times of the day. Scala is the perfect solution to install around waiting areas, behind your tellers, transactional kiosks, and in the drive-through lines.

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