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Most companies face a similar challenge when trying to disseminate information to employees: getting the right information to the right people at the right time. In a normal deluge of emails, critical messages can easily go unnoticed. Printed materials are expensive, slow to deploy, and can't convey enough importance, immediacy or personalization.

Many companies face additional challenges of having multiple buildings and campuses, in addition to large numbers of employees without email or Internet access. It can be difficult to get out a consistent, focused message to employees in different locations or on different shifts. Corporate digital signage allows companies to deliver the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time.

Scala digital signage for corporations transforms companies into flourishing news reporting, broadcasting and viewing organizations. Employees are able to create engaging corporate digital signage content right from their desktops. Then those messages can be broadcast via the company's communication network to strategic locations using the most powerful form of media delivery - digital signage.

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