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Information is critical in schools, but with the amount of information bombarding students on a daily basis, it's no wonder getting your message across can seem impossible. With digital signage it's easy to communicate in a way that really grabs people's attention. Parents, students, and faculty will benefit from a Scala digital signage system for education once time-sensitive information can reach its destination immediately.

Unfortunately, emergencies happen in education. Digital signage from Scala can prepare you to notify students quickly of an emergency and help keep your schools safe. Investing in an emergency broadcast system can be budget-consuming and will ultimately get little use. A Scala digital signage system gives you the necessary security of having an emergency broadcast system with the added benefit of using the system for other school-related information - like upcoming events, school closings, or weather - when there is no emergency. And best of all, you can manage your emergency broadcast system, community television, campus-wide information systems, and interactive kiosks -- together from a single location with one set of tools.

From creating content to scheduling to distribution and playback, Scala's digital signage can handle everything in a single network. Plus, the entire signage system can be managed by any number of people, be it a single teacher or an entire classroom of students.

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