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Sports arenas, movie theaters, amusement parks, casinos, museums… Most of these entertainment venues are often large and crowded with excited patrons who are seeking out different areas of interest such as daily activities, ticket reservations, restaurants, pools, spas, meeting rooms, elevators, retail shops, etc. They particularly need direction and the use of digital signage will quickly and easily steer them to their desired destinations. Using digital signage offers a unique opportunity to advertise, engage and communicate more efficiently with your customers.

Arenas use digital signage platforms throughout their venues to broadcast game scores and highlights, along with powerful advertising messaging. Theaters utilize digital signage to show movie trailers, show times, food and beverage specials and enhanced product advertising. Casinos can use digital signage in everything from slot ends, restaurant menu boards, property maps, meeting rooms, elevators, back of house, and in-guest room television solutions to enhance their guest experience. These are just a few examples of how digital signage can benefit various entertainment venues.

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