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The Scala healthcare digital signage solution is a natural fit for healthcare-related industries and organizations that are looking to improve communications within their communities or throughout their professional offices. Ideal for waiting-room areas, lobbies, kiosk environments, or training facilities, Scala digital signage software can be quickly and easily deployed in healthcare offices while providing all the efficiencies and economics of being centrally managed.

Hospitals, clinics, and elder care facilities are places where digital signage is often used to assist patients, staff and visitors alike. Facilities use healthcare digital signage to inform, entertain, and help patients and visitors relax more efficiently with a combination of video, text, graphics, news and weather. Post HIPAA notices, hours and services, feature staff members, promote healthy lifestyles, and describe and explain specific conditions or treatments. Because digital signage content is managed from one central control center, communications can be dynamically managed to provide for the health, safety and welfare of patients, staff and visitors at the facility.

A visit to the doctor isn't always pleasant, but the intelligent use of dynamic healthcare digital signage can take some of the sting away - and make it easier for the healthcare provider to communicate with patients. While waiting in the doctor's waiting room for their appointment, patients can view instructional content that helps them communicate with their physicians during their visit.

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