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Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Cruise Ships and Resorts around the world have embraced hospitality digital signage. Assisting tourists acquire the information they need to realize their vacation experience has become a major industry.

Scala provides hospitality digital signage with end-to-end functionality for interactive kiosks. Hotel digital signage serve as concierges in hotel lobbies providing restaurant reservations, directions, activity schedules, and ticket reservations for hotel guests. Large flat-screen displays provide business executives information on meeting rooms and schedules. In-room hotel digital signage display branded advertising for hotel amenities including restaurants, spas, and fitness centers. Interactive gaming instruction helps guests learn how to enjoy their time on the Casino floor. With digital signage, restaurants on cruise ships can display menus and provide interactive reservations for dining as well as other shipboard amenities.

The next time you and your family go on vacation at a resort hotel, win your next big jackpot on the Casino floor or dine onboard a cruise ship restaurant, look for the hospitality digital signage screens and interactive kiosks that make your vacation experience pleasant; they have become part of the hospitality landscape.

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